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Change the efficiency of your operations with our Logistics and Fleet Fuel Management Solutions

Over 1000 Systems already installed

Total clients savings over  50 million

Easy Maintenance

Trusted for the South African Environment

Smartfuel Fuel Management Systems for the Logistics Sectors

What we do?

It has been customary for corporate and small companies to have an account at their local Filling Station, where a debtor’s book was kept for their fuel usage.

Many fleet managers favoured this method of managing their fleet fuel expenses as opposed to using a Fleet Bank card or Garage card due to the high fraud on the cards and abuse of the system by cardholders. Additionally, the fleet managers had control of where their fleet filled up their vehicles and did not have the extra cost of the bank charges incurred with bankcards and could also track who the driver was. The problem, which Dealers and Fleet Managers were faced with, was that data was not always accurate. They lacked concise consumption reports as personnel at the filling station manually recorded it.

Today, filling stations equipped with the SmartFuel System have introduced a hassle-free convenience for everyone, whether they are managing one vehicle or a few hundred vehicles. Fleet managers now find that what usually took days to reconcile now only takes minutes. At a glance, the consumption reports provide easy user-friendly information on the vehicles fuel usage. Additionally the Fleet Manager can control the days, hours, quantity and frequency of fills of each of his vehicles individually.

Some of our software features

Full tracking ability to know where your vehicles are at any point in time

Monitor fuel usage by vehicle

Measure efficiency of vehicles

SMS alert when fuel is siphoned from vehicle

SMS alert when vehicle enters a no-go zone

SMS alert when load is tampered with

Block fuel from being dispensed if attempt is made to dispense into an unauthorised tank (e.g. unauthorised vehicle or a container)

Wireless control of pumps from a remote management system


Awesome Service Experience.


In life we often moan and bitch about bad service but very seldom acknowledge GREAT service.

Today I want to do just that. The subject of my service experience is Khanyi at Smartfuel’s JHB office. She is articulate but more importantly, extremely helpful and pleasant.

An absolute pleasure to talk to her; a great asset! Smartfuel has every reason to be proud of her.

DSM Auto Greytown

Most Effective Fuel Management System


As a Farmer Chris has his vehicle filled up by his workers far from his view.

Smartfuel has no problem protecting the fuel and showing Chris the transactions live anywhere he is.

Since using Smartuel my diesel tracking, usage and actual pump has been one of the best, most effective systems and pumps to use! We are very satisfied with product and system.

River Ranch Farm

Thank You Smartfuel


Another Happy Client – Quality is important to Us

Tebello is a very appreciative client that recently had his new Smartfuel system installed.

I would like to say thank you very much for the most professional, efficient, and excellent service from you and your team.

Qachasnek Filling Station

Our Clients

Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include Sasol sites
Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include Astron Sites
Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include Shell Sites
Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include Total Energies Sites
Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include MBT Petroleum
Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include VIVA Sites
Smartfuel Clients Filling station stites include Elegant Group Sites
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